Metabolic Healing Through Nutritional Therapies

The Chung Institute of Integrative Medicine and the Center For Metabolic Healing – Treating the Mind & Body


The Chung Institute of Integrative Medicine provides a comprehensive approach to patient care that utilizes many modalities that are both innovative and traditional. We specialize in those patients with problems that can not be helped by standard therapies. We have had over 24 years experience successfully treating many refractory and difficult to manage conditions ranging from chronic musculoskeletal pain, chronic fatigue, chronic neurological disorders, chronic bowel problems, chronic allergies and many other refractory conditions. Learn more about our Integrative Medicine Institute.


The Center for Metabolic Healing is an extension of the Chung Institute of Integrative Medicine. This center directly addresses individuals struggling with obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and all health risks associated with these conditions that have been brought about by traditional dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Our goal is to help them increase their quality of life by introducing them to a scientific based method of nutritional therapy and educate them on disease prevention.


There are so many individuals suffering on a day to day basis and are not able to get the proper guidance they need to treat their health conditions, specifically the ones noted above. This has propelled us to create an environment that can not only treat these conditions but with the goal of permanently reversing them.

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