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Dr. Brian Lenzkes and Dr. Andrew Oswari discuss the importance of focusing on factors of health and happiness that you can control and learning to have a healthy respect for and relationship with those factors that you cannot control.

Dr. Shawn Baker, orthopedic surgeon and a world record holder athlete, has a candid conversation with Dr. Andrew Oswari about how changing the landscape of healthcare is going to start with each one of us. Be inspired by the conversation!

Learn about what the real issue is behind metabolic disease with Dr. Jason Fung.

The role metabolic syndrome has on cancer and your immune system with Dr. Nasha Winters.

Dr. Andrew Oswari becomes one of the first practitioners to be accredited into the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP).


Dr. Andrew Oswari – My Journey to Health
Dr. Andrew Oswari – One of the first practitioners accredited to the SMHP
Is “Calories In – Calories Out” the right way to lose weight?
Making a Chaffle
Dangers of Soybean Oil


From the ground up!

Listen in on this candid discussion between Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Oswari on how the ketogenic/carnivore/low carb community is changing health from the ground up. Dr. Baker is an orthopedic surgeon, […]

Why are we ignoring the biggest facts about COVID-19?

It’s hard to believe that we are over a year into wearing masks and suffering from lockdowns due to Covid-19. A meta analysis of 34 epidemiologic studies done on 7/29/2020 showed […]

Dr. Andrew Oswari – One of the first accredited to the SMHP

“Nutrition was the missing link. It’s brought the joy back into my profession. This is my passion now.” – Dr. Andrew Oswari One of our goals at the Center for […]

Building Healthy Habits

One of the most rewarding things Jane and I do is on every Thursday night we host a weekly support meeting with those who are striving for metabolic healing. Not […]

Meet Dr. Andrew Oswari

I have been a Board Certified Family Physician for 20 years. During my medical school training at Loma Linda University Medical School, I had about 2.5 hours of nutrition classes […]

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