Success stories

Make it to the hall of fame!

Andrew Oswari, MD

 I have battled weight issues since I was a child. When I look at my pictures it looks like I started to gain weight somewhere between 1976-1980. Whi [...]

Ray H.

Dr. Oswari is not like any other medical doctor I have ever met. He genuinely cares about his patients, using both alternative and traditional medical [...]

Jane Oswari

Since college, I have struggled with my weight. I’ve been up and down 15-20 lbs over the years till Jan 2019, I reached my highest weight ever and w [...]


“The journey to well-being takes many turns.  But on the Ketogenic path, in a very comprehensive and fact-based approach, Jane Oswari and Dr. Andre [...]

Donna & Ken

In early January, I said to my husband Ken – we have to do something. We both knew it. Like many others who struggle with their weight, it was not o [...]

Steph and Walt

We are an over 40 couple, married for 6 years.  We have been battling weight before we first met in 2008. Walt:   I ballooned up to 292 lbs and [...]

Mark D

Would recommend Jane highly without qualification or reservation. Working with Jane has been life changing for me.  She helped me to really fundament [...]


It's a lifestyle not a diet...

I have been eating keto for 10 months and couldn’t be happier. In that time, I’ve lost 72 pounds, which isn’t easy as a 56 year-old, post-menopa [...]